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Refine and master your creativity in the art of music production, through Certified training in the worlds leading music production and performance software Ableton Live.

Welcome to the Academy of Music Technology

My name is Emile Hoogenhout and I am a Multi instrumentalist, music producer, educator and founder of AMT.
I have been a professional musician for over 14 years, composing and performing with many popular artists in and around Africa.

As well as being a music educator and instructor for the past 12 years, I have worked in many musical styles and various ensemble environments,
as well as helping many students receive accredited Royal Schools and Trinity distinctions in performance and music theory.
In October 2011 I was selected to attend the Red Bull Music Academy in Madrid, Spain. based on my composition and performance skill.

Since my Ableton certification in 2013 and as one of only 3 Certified Trainers in Africa
I have spent the last three years developing this all inclusive practical syllabus,
which equips each AMT participant of any skill level with the tools to venture and flourish in their respective musical genre
and gain a deeper understanding of the multiple facets of Ableton Live and computer based music production.



The complete AMT Ableton curriculum ranges from studio production techniques such as; recording, editing and sequencing audio and MIDI,
to live performance approaches with the likes of using Session View follow actions, live template designs and personalised Controllerism setups.

Expand your setup with the integration of external instruments such as drum machines and synthesisers
and learn how to create your own unique signature sound by sampling and building personalised instrument and audio effects racks.

Gain a greater knowledge of synthesis by building your own synthesiser instrument rack.
Incorporate Audio Units and VSTs in racks to gain hands on control of automation through macros.
Dissect and analyse a popular composition to recreate, remix and translate it from the studio arrangement to a scene based live performance in session view.

This just to highlight but a small fraction of this thoroughly comprehensive four month Ableton Certified Training curriculum at the Academy of Music Technology .

Download AMT Ableton Course Overview



AMT Ableton Course Criteria

The Academy of Music Technology is situated in the heart of Johannesburg’s Maboneng Precinct at the Downtown Music Hub,
at 62 Goud Street Johannesburg South Africa, where group lectures and performance exams will take place.

The AMT Ableton course consists of 3 skill level modules from beginner, intermediate to advanced.
With each lesson consisting of a 5 hour lecture that is coupled with a hands-on lesson project pack, along with course work.

Practical assignments will be given at each lecture, and evaluated during the online assessment session the following week.


Stay on top of your work without having to take notes,
as each lecture will be screen captured and made exclusively available to AMT students.


The AMT Course breakdown per module:

  • 3 x 5-hour group lectures

  • Ableton project pack per lecture

  • Course material documentation per lecture

  • 3 one-on-one online sessions and in-depth course project assessments

  • Exclusive private access to AMT screen captured lecture videos

  • Personalised help and support via email or telephonically

  • The Academy of Music Technology Ableton Certificate will be awarded upon completion of all modules as proof of tuition by an Ableton Certified Trainer


 Any version of Ableton Live 9 is acceptable, however

Ableton Live 9 Suite is preferred for advanced module pupils.

All participants require their own laptop (mac or pc).

Ableton Live 9 and Push can be purchased online at



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(c) 2017, Emile Hoogenhout