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behr – Santuri Safari – Instruments Pack

In Sep 2015 I was invited to spend two weeks meeting up with various traditional East African musicians through Santuri Safari. Which is a project  that focusses on concepts of innovation, collaboration and creativity within the East African music scene. For years it has been a big dream of mine to be able to travel around Africa and build Ableton racks from indigenous traditional instruments.  I was approached by Esa Williams (Aunty Flo) and David Tinning (Santuri) and with great enthusiasm and support from Ableton.

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These authentic African instruments were designed to stretch the boundaries of what is sonically capable in an purely acoustic environment. Aiming to redefine the relationship between acoustic timbre and electronic manipulation. These instruments are available free of charge, however a small donation would be greatly appreciated to assist in the creation of future instrument racks.

This Ableton Instruments Pack consists of four East African instruments

  • The Adungu is a nine-string arched (bow) harp of the Alur people of northwestern Uganda. It is very similar to the tumi harp of the neighbouring Kebu people.

  • The Zeze is a stringed instrument from Sub-Saharan Africa, also known by the names Tzetze and Dzendze, and in Madagascar is called Lokanga Voatavo or Lokango Voatavo.

  • The Endere is a flute of the Baganda people, the Omukuri of the Banyankore and the Bakiga people, the Akalere of the Basoga Iteso people.

  • The Ohangla drums, which consists of more than eight drums hit by a stick and a cylindrical shoulder slung drum played normally to the accompaniment of flute, Nyatiti or kinanda.

These instruments were recorded in September 2015 in Nairobi Kenya for Santuri Safari by Emile Hoogenhout. The featured musicians that helped to capture the essence of the instruments are Giovanni Kremer Kiyingi (Endere, Adungu), Moses Ochieng (the Ohangla Drums) and Msafiri Zawose (Zeze).


Mbira Rack by behr is a meticulously recorded Ableton Live Pack of one of Africa’s oldest musical instruments the Mbira.
Invented by the Shona people of Zimbabwe, the Mbira is a class of musical instruments that features metal tines positioned to be played
by the thumbs and sometime by the fingers.
A direct translation of Mbira Dzavadzimu is, “The Voice of the Ancestors”. The first European documentation of the Mbira was around 1570, by Portuguease explorers.
Each design of the instrument originates from a different region and is known by a different name, such as the “Kalimba” or the “Sansa”.

Not only is the Mbira Instrument Rack created to feel as authentic to play as possible in terms of velocity response, but the design of the rack is created to shape and mould the sonic textures further. From implementing infinite loop based walls of sound whilst reconfiguring the sample start offset, to applying a filter LFO to add rhythmical movement to the organic nature of the instrument.

Choose between sustained open tones or muted tones, the behr – Mbira rack was professionally recorded using a Universal Audio Apollo Quad and two condenser microphones in a acoustically treated studio.

Mbira rack is an authentic African instrument designed to stretch the boundaries of what is capable in the real world.
Aiming to redefine the relationship between the acoustic quality and electronic digital audio manipulation.



Water Percussion is a one of a kind Ableton drum rack comprising of various water containers played in many different ways.

Choose between glass, plastic and tin, played by hand, steel brush, plastic brush and drumstick. With the additional choice of an open or muted tone on each sound source.
The top row of the rack is dedicated to water flowing, droplets, bubbles and sample phrases.

Created with velocity sensitivity in mind, Water Percussion is a well rounded instrument that responds to the smallest inflictions and accents constantly changing tonality and expression. Each element of this diverse instrument was meticulously recorded using a Universal Audio Apollo Quad and
two condenser microphones in a acoustically treated studio.

Water Percussion is truly an amalgamation between the organic and electronic.




Have fun making dog beat-boxing beats in this Ableton drum rack using samples from one of my beloved dogs, Damien.
As you will find out Damien has quite a bit of a temper but understand that I did not cause any distress while recording these samples.

With the use of eight macros assigned to help you morph the vocal stylings of Damien. Repitch, Reverse, Adjust Sample Start, Filter and mangle with various oscillation parameters.

Enjoy making music.

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behr – damien drum rack





Poly Synth

Download the behr Max for Live Polyphonic Synth for free, to tweak and expand upon in Max for Live.
This very simple polyphonic synth is designed with an amplitude ADSR, a filter ADSR and a selection of various filter types with the use of a state variable filter, as well as two oscillators that can be balanced with an oscillator mix dial.

If you are interested in learning how to build a polyphonic synthesizer from scratch click HERE to view the step by step video tutorial.

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behr – polyphonic synth





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behr – resoDUB

This special effect rack is a resonator infused with a dub delay, called the resoDUB! This audio effect has been especially mapped to be able to dial in any chord in any key signature, simply by turning a couple of macro knobs. After a key and chord degree is selected, you can start to change and morph the resonator sound with independent delay time macros, exploring feedback loops, LFO filter sweeps, drowned in reverb or dry and brittle. With the device you would be able to create very intricate poly-rhythmic chordal textures, both legato (long) and staccato (short) noted phrases. And after all that start to record different chord progressions by just turning a macro knob and listening out for a preferable sequence.

Hope to find you mesmerized by audio manipulation and sonic exploration.


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These works are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.
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(c) 2016, Emile Hoogenhout


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